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After working with Sam to improve my mobility and posture and Laura for muscle release I am regaining a quality of life which I have not had for many years. (O.R)
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By reading this web-site, you are taking the first steps to improving the quality of your life.

Woman RunningYou may have a posture problem, aching muscles or have been advised by your health care professional (osteopath, physiotherapist, chiropractor, GP) to consider massage or Pilates. It could be that you just don’t know where to start.

Working in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, we offer both massage and Pilates, as either a stand alone or a combined treatment

So why do Pilates and massage work well together and how do we help you to achieve pain free and independent movement?

Man and ChildPilates uses precise, controlled exercises to strengthen the deep postural muscles which help to stabilize and support the body. In addition Pilates involves the integration of the mind and body to help improve efficiency of movement leading to enhanced natural postural alignment.

New Clients - Assessment Forms
All new clients need to download and complete our Par Q and Assessment forms and bring them with you for your first consultation.

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Massage relieves tension and congestion in surface and deep postural muscles to realign the muscle fibres and allow natural freedom of movement. This enhances muscle efficiency and improves posture by releasing tight muscles, allowing corrective movement to be more effective.

We set up Functional Therapies after realising that we had a common passion to improve our clients lives and that our areas of expertise each complemented the other. For example, by releasing tight muscles the massage allows clients to be more effective in their Pilates movements; and by using Pilates to strengthen weak muscles and lengthen shorter muscles the massage has longer lasting effects.

Woman SwimingSo, now you have taken the time to find and read our web-site, please now take an extra few minutes to contact us and find out how these treatments are appropriate for you. Find us at:

Find us at: Sportspace, Lagley Meadow,
Douglas Gardens Berkhamsted Herts HP4 3QQ.
Call or send us an e-mail via our Contact us page.

New Classes Timetable and Policy document The Pilates class timetable is now here. Please check which class you prefer before booking and read the policy document.

downloadable class timetabledownloadable class timetable