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I know I still have a long way to go, but I have improved beyond my wildest dreams. I can now stand and walk with much reduced back pain. I have so much to thank Sam for – she is great. (F.T)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to see both of you?
You don't need to see both of us. There may be times when one of us feels that you would either benefit from having both treatments to gain maximum improvement or that you would gain more benefit from seeing the other therapist as an alternative option.
How do I know which treatment would be best for me?
It could be that you have already been advised by your health care professional to seek a specific treatment or that you have heard about the treatment through a friend.

Initial discussion over the telephone with either therapist will help indicate which treatment is more appropriate for your needs.
What does an initial consultation involve?
For both massage and Pilates therapies, the first treatment will last for 1½ hours and will start with a consultation during which we discuss your background, lifestyle, health, etc. We will examine your posture and range of movements and discuss with you the factors which are limiting your movement. We will ask about your goals and expectations of treatment. This consultation is important as every person is unique and we believe that every treatment should be tailored to the individual to help them achieve their goals, for example improved functionality in everyday life or a long standing desire to climb mountains!

For more complicated issues we may ask for permission to contact your GP, current therapist (eg, osteopath/physiotherapist) or consultant so we can gain a better understanding of your condition.

If time permits during the first visit, we will then begin treatment.

Further visits will last around an hour and will be treatment based.
How quickly will I see the benefits?
This will depend on the reason for which you are seeking treatment and how deep seated any issues are. In some cases, we give advice on work you can do at home to help continue the benefits of the treatments, but this will depend on your own needs, lifestyle and requirements.
How often will I need a treatment?
It could be that you only need one or maybe a series of treatments. We will discuss this with you at the first consultation as it will depend on the reason for your treatment.
Where are you based?

We are both based at:
Lagley Meadow
Douglas Gardens
Herts HP4 3QQ

Interested? E-mail us via the Contact us page.
Or phone:
Sam, Pilates Therapist: 07968 062791
Laura, Massage Therapist: 07900 207126