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Massage treatment

Therapeutic, deep tissue and remedial massage are used during treatments depending on the needs of the client.

EnjoyRemedial massage is appropriate for individuals with:
• long term backache
• persistent aches and pains
• frozen shoulder
• sciatica, strains and sprains
• joint pain or immobility
• deep seated muscle tension

It is designed to promote the healing of a specific physical problem, through deep massage and controlled manipulation of the joints and surrounding muscles. For example, a sufferer of sciatica or a whiplash injury would find a remedial massage very beneficial for releasing muscle spasm and improving freedom of movement. The focus is mainly on the area in question and the related symptoms. This is not the most relaxing of massages - it is a corrective treatment to relieve specific pain and persistent physical disorders and the work is deep to help correct the underlying problem, sometimes actively involving the client in giving feedback and stretching techniques.

RunTherapeutic massage is appropriate for individuals with:
• general muscle aches and pains
• backache
• stiff neck and shoulders
• menstrual tension and PMT
• migraine
• insomnia
• circulatory problems
• the stresses and strains of modern life

It is a deep tissue, stress relieving massage. Long, relaxing strokes over the body are combined with deeper pressure on specific areas of tension. It is a very thorough treatment and clients are intended to leave feeling completely relaxed and de-stressed, or invigorated and energized. Many people have regular therapeutic massage after remedial massage to help prevent reoccurrence of the symptoms. It is often viewed as a preventative therapy, rather than a cure.

Pilates Treatment

The original Pilates repertoire is modified during treatments for either remedial or perventative work depending on the needs of the client. Pilates is a slow, controlled series of movements to strengthen the deep postural back and abdominal muscles. The benefits of Pilates are understanding:
• how to correct habitual poor posture
• The promotion and maintainance of a healthy back
• increasing strength and range of movement around the joints

Relax1:1 Pilates
Remedial Pilates is appropriate for individuals with:
• habitual poor posture
• balance issues
• post surgery or muscle injury rehabilitation
• long term back pain
• lack of mobility through stiff and sore joints

It is tailored to each individual, identifying their specific needs and working out a unique treatment to address each muscle or group of muscle imbalances with a series of corrective exercises. These exercises are taught safely and effectively educating the individual at the same time in how and why these exercises are appropriate for their needs.
Session length: 1 hour

Small group Pilates
These are small group Pilates classes with a more clinical input.
Maximum number of participants is 6.
Class sizes are deliberately kept small so individuals are given maximum attention needed to correct posture and movement during the exercises.
Entry to these classes is by having an initial assessment. Class length: 1 hour

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